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May 16 th 2005

Nomination as A.I.E.S.M agent


Thailand, May 16 th 2005 

Esteemed Mrs. Lorraine Jourdan, 

With the present letter we officially announce your nomination as A.I.E.S.M. Agent for your country, Canada.   

The nomination has been established with a decree of the A.I.E.S.M Directive Junta in date: 15th  of  May 2005 . After one year, in May 2006, your  nomination can be extended on the base of your actions. 

 Since this moment, therefore, you are trained to operate in the name of A.I.E.S.M., previous information to its World Presidency. 

Yours Sincerely, 


A.I.E.S.M.  World President