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I was born in village of Quebec, Canada. In first, I was teacher for twenty years.

I always was very interested by art and particularly the sculpture.

I had an art gallery to promote and sell the  works of the regional artists and I had organized expositions.

Also, I assembled a theatre of marionnettes with young workers and presented sketch in the regional schools. The goal was to initiate youngs to work by fabrication of marionnettes and composition of texts.

I also collaborated in the formation of an arts corporation which the goal was the promotion and the spreading of the arts and also arts  expositions.

Since 1979, I collaborated with my husband who is sculptor, in finition of works in wood and metal.

Since 2002, I collaborated with arts director from Humanitad foundation.My task was translation french, communication with applicants and helps search for new sculptor applicants around the world.

At now, I am working in search of sculptors who are willing to participate as members or manager in an  International Association which organize symposiums for the members in several countries.